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BioCubaCafè is not just a beautiful story, it is an authentic one: a clean, healthy and fair coffee grown by communities in symbiosis with the Cuban forests...

To enhance all of this we have decided to apply the most advanced technologies capable of describing,
guaranteeing and certifying this supply chain, developing one of the first coffees in the world with complete traceability from the field to the cup, with BioCubaCafeBlockchain® technology.
We know everything about our coffee from before it is harvested: in fact, sensors have been installed in all the forest areas involved in BioCubaCafè, to monitor several important variables: temperature, humidity, soil and wind.
We transmit not only data in real time, but also images and photos. These, together with all the production data, from collection to boarding, are recorded and, thanks to the BioCubaCafeBlockchain® system, are made tamper-proof. Not even we can change them.
We have brought together all the players in the coffee chain, from producers to service providers, with over
100 environmental, ecological, social, economic result indicators: a single community with clear, transparent and fair rules.
This is why we have built BioCubaCafeBlockchain®, our safe, transparent, Blockchain certified system:
we want to tell the story of every coffee bean, of the forest and of the communities, to protect them
and enhance the consumers’ experience.


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Bio Cuba Cafè 

distributed by Hei S.r.l.

C.F. e P.IVA: 11560940014
REA: TO - 1222886

We are here:

Corso Regina Margherita 157,

10122 Torino, Italy


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